Beth Caniglia, PhD


Aspire is headed by Beth Schaefer Caniglia, PhD. Beth is an environmental sociologist by training and worked as a tenured professor in this field for twenty years. In 2019, Dr. Caniglia transitioned her work to focus on policy analysis and research. Building on decades of consulting work with policy organizations, such as the United Nations, the government of South Africa, and several municipalities, Beth currently provides policy analysis and research consulting for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the City of New Orleans, advancing protection of human health and the environment in BIPOC communities.

Dr. Caniglia's personal journey has been deeply enhanced by her practice and studies in meditation and yoga - a quest she has pursued for over twenty-five years. She has studied Sanskrit and immersed herself in an array of meditation paths, working with chakras, mantras, yogic meditation, and a variety of Buddhist meditation practices. Today, drawing from Buddhist, Hindu, and Mindfulness traditions, Beth offers meditation instruction for individuals, groups, and organizations.